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Naturally occurring or manufactured silica fillers may present hurdles regardless of the best efforts in mining and processing. As a solution, Malvern Minerals (MM) offers Silikup®.

Silane treatment of a silica’s surface offsets the irregularities of the inherent raw mineral. Moreover, the now treated filler offers greater performance within resin systems. Current filler options consist of: fused, precipitated, amorphous, ground, nepheline syenite, recycled glass, glass flake and much more.

Treated silica fillers are now a consideration for applications once deemed inappropriate or unachievable.

Benefits include:

  • Increased resistance to moisture degradation
  • Improved dispersion in the polymer
  • Improved tear strength
  • Improved wet-out
  • Increased CPVC or higher loading
  • Improved electrical properties


The use of hollow spheres covers a wide range of applications from thermoplastics to industrial coatings. Due to their low density and high-strength, these materials are an optimum choice. However, their use can be problematic due to the difficulty of adhesion within a resin system.

Herein lies the need for BubbleKup® (silane treated microspheres). Through the proper surface modification of spheres with the use of organofunctional silanes and our proprietary process, these spheres can be made ambi-functional or non-functional.

Silane treatment can improve processing, performance, and durability of mineral-modified products by:

  • Improving wet-out of the mineral by the polymer
  • Improving adhesion between the mineral and the polymer
  • Increasing mechanical properties
  • Encapusulate surface imperfections of lower quality minerals
  • Improving electrical properties
  • Improving dispersion of the mineral in the polymer
  • Enabling higher filler loading
  • Increase mechanical strength
  • Reducing the viscosity of the filler/polymer matrix

The choice of which silane to use in a particular application is determined by the nature of the desired benefit.


Maximizing filler loading, reducing resin demand while maintaining superior system properties, led Malvern Minerals to develop MultiKup®. Essentially, MultiKup® is a packing model rather than an off the shelf product. It is customizable for each unique customer’s application.

MultiKup® is designed to effectively deal with kE (ultimate particle size shape) computed with Pf (maximum packing density) so that the least amount of binder or resin can be used effecting strength plus economy. In some cases, weight as little as 10% to 15% resin can be implemented with 85% to 90% MultiKup®.

The model has been constructed so that good dielectric materials are combined with aluminum trihydrate to contribute to arc track resistance. Also, certain particle sized pigments have been included to impart some cosmetic and hiding power characteristics. Of very great importance is that the model has been surface modified appropriately to crosslink into your polymer.

We look upon this product as an excellent candidate for use in polymer concrete’s many applications both in electrical apparatuses and construction areas.



Trikup® is a custom, silane treated alumina trihydrate or aluminum hydroxide.

ATH is the largest volume flame retardant in the world. Trikup® adds additional functionality through the use of epoxy, amino, vinyl and other silanes chosen to react with specific resin systems. Trikup® contributes brightness, opacity, gloss and smoothness to coatings. Additionally, Trikup® is exceptional for arc track resistance in PCBs and other composites. Additional fields include high power bushings and insulators.

Trikup® benefits:

  • Increased resistance to moisture degradation
  • Improved dispersion
  • Improved tear strength in elastomerics
  • Improved wet out
  • Increased CPVC
  • Improved arc track resistance


High Voltage Applications

Monykup® is a premium flame retardant with superior cross-linking. The base mineral, Antimony, is mainly used as its trioxide in making flame-proofing compounds. Markets for these flame-retardant applications include children’s clothing, toys, aircraft and automobile seat covers. It is also used in the fiberglass composites industry as an additive to polyester resins for such items as light aircraft engine covers. The resin will burn while a flame is held to it but will extinguish itself as soon as the flame is removed.

Monykup is customized for applications based on resin system and desired effect.


Wollastokup® is our custom, silane treated calcium metasilicate (aka wollastonite) which is used as a functional filler in coatings, plastics, rubber and others due in part to it’s unique, acicular or “toothpick” shape.

Within coatings, Wollastokup® improves the durability of the film, improves resistance to weathering, reduces gloss, acts as a flatting and suspending agent and reduces pigment consumption.

In plastics, improvements in tensile and flexural strength along with reduction in resin consumption are among the many benefits within plastics. Additionally, improvements in thermal and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures are noted within plastics.

Surface treatments are used to improve the adhesion between the wollastonite and the polymers to which it is added. Wollastokup is also useful as an auxillary pigment for corrosion inhibitors.

Malvern Minerals (MM) received the 1st patent for the silane treatment of calcium metasilicate in 1976. The choice of which silane to use in a particular application is determined by the nature of the desired benefit.

Wollastokup® benefits:

  • Improved dispersion
  • Deagglomeration
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Improved wetting
  • Improved electrical properties