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Surface Modification

Malvern Minerals Company was First in surface modification technology through the use of silanes. We possess over 40 years of experience working with silane chemistry and related polymers. Malvern is the only manufacturer that offers custom silane treatments of any mineral (almost). Our knowledge of silanes and vast experience in mineralogy sets us apart from traditional mineral suppliers who may only offer a treated version of just their mineral.

In order to assist our customers, we start by gathering what they want to achieve or improve in their system. From there, our background in mineralogy coupled with silane chemistry enable us to provide a finished product that fits your specific needs. We have numerous treated minerals for your consideration, or we can help you with a customized solution.

What is Surface Modification?

Surface modification has different meanings based on industry or application. Run a common search on the internet for “surface modification” and you will generate a multitude of different definitions or services. Malvern Minerals Co. provides a proprietary method of modifying the surface chemistry of minerals through the use of silane technology. Actually, we pioneered the field over 40 years ago.

How does our surface modification help you?

Every mineral has it’s pros and cons. For example, Novacite® is an ideal filler for it’s barrier properties within industrial maintenance and heavy duty coatings. However, Novacite® is lamellar in particle shape and extremely hydrophobic which can be challenging for certain elastomers which depend upon resins to mechanically adhere to the surface. This may lead R&D to search for an alternative.

Fortunately, surface modification with the proper silane can greatly increase cross-linking or chemical bonding between resin and Novacite®. Now, the elastomer benefits from the unique properties of Novacite® along with tremendous tensile strength and moisture resistance.

This is just one example of what mineral surface modification can do for your system. Malvern Minerals Co. has working knowledge of all mineral fillers and 88 different silane options.

If you’re facing a similar challenge with your mineral filler and resin system, maybe it’s time to consider our version of surface modification.


We offer toll grinding for customers who desire a media or mineral to be crushed, ground and classified in powder form. These services are specific to particle ranges between 100 microns down to 5 microns. Our customers can reduce costs associated with toll grinding, micronizing or milling through savings on equipment, labor and operational space. We can grind small quantities from pallet quantities up to truck load volumes.

These services are proven through our 65 years of experience along with our quality control system. All services are supported with laboratory testing and microtrac analysis.

Mineral Blending

We offer toll blending services through customized dry blending or specialized filler package development. For many, our toll blending service is economical since capital equipment purchases can be avoided. We process mineral blends from pallet quantities up to truckload quantities per day.

Or, maybe you are looking for assistance in selecting mineral blend options for your specific application. Our background and experience in mineralogy enables us to assist, develop or reverse engineer mineral blends for applications that range from concretes to coatings.

In addition, we offer packaging services to include paper bags, pails or bulk bags.